My name is Juliana Cummings

Thank you so much checking out my website

I am a free lance history writer specializing in Tudor and medieval history. I also love writing about the history of medicine and the macabre. I thrive on writing articles, my blog,  research papers and short stories. I also published my first novel a few years ago. 

I’ve always been passionate about history in general for as long as I can remember. My fixation with Tudor and medieval history began about five years ago and has only deepened! After doing much research into my family’s history, I  discovered I wasn’t mostly Italian as I’d always been told, but over seventy percent English/Scottish! So I traded in the lasagna for the shepherd’s pie and retraced my English grandmother’s ancestry. I discovered that my 16th great grandfather was Sir John Savage lV of Cheshire. Sir John was the commander of Henry Vll’s left wing army at the battle of Bosworth.  I found that my heritage was also linked to Henry’s stepfather, Thomas Stanley, as well as Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots.  

I live in rural Massachusetts with my husband and three children,  When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading and doing things with my family